Clarity® Store

Increase sales, reduce inventory, enable labor efficiencies, and improve buy online, pick up-in-store (BOPIS) performance with the Clarity® in-store inventory and operations platform and applications suite.

Inventory Accuracy

Reduce out-of-stocks, improve availability, and achieve greater than 98% inventory accuracy

Labor Efficiency

Leverage the latest technology to reduce wasted time while ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction

eCommerce Accuracy

Confidently expose all inventory to eCommerce orders to accurately fulfill orders and reduce cancel rates

Search & Find It

Locate missing and hard-to-find items within the store through RFID technology and advanced tools

The Tools to Power Your Clarity® Store Operations

Powerful item-level RFID platform and software suite to transform in-store performance

  • Stock Count
  • Receiving
  • Back to Front Replenishment
  • Returns
  • Transfers
  • Mark-downs/Promotions
  • Exit Gates, Monitoring, & Alarms
  • Returns Fraud
  • Dressing Room Entrance/Exit Monitoring
  • Store and Enterprise Operations BI Portal
  • Inventory Look-up, Search, & Find
  • Inventory Robot
  • Inventory Location
  • Automated Alerts

Real-World Success

How We Can Help
“Before RFID, we thought that every item shipped to the store would end up on the shop floor, but that was not the case,” says Johan Stenström, Stadium’s supply chain developer. “Items were misplaced, lost or stolen and never surfaced in our ERP system. It meant that items that we made in China, had shipped to Sweden, and distributed to our stores were never sold because they got stuck, misplaced or lost in the backroom 10 meters from the customer. This was not acceptable. Now we get a replenishment list in real time of the items that should go out on the shop floor.”
How We Can Help
“Our initial pilots using SML’s Clarity® RFID solution allowed us to gain a significantly improved view of our inventory and the return on investment across the business was apparent.”

The New Era of Retailing Starts Here

Creating the foundation you need to empower enterprise-wide transformation from SKU to item-level operations.


Stores Deployed with Clarity®

12+ Billion

Items Connected with Digital ID


Brands Served Globally

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Clarity® Store?

Clarity® Store from SML can significantly boost in-store performance through:

Inventory Accuracy using RFID – Attain an inventory accuracy rate of over 98% and minimize stock shortages
Labor Efficiency – Make use of cutting-edge technology to minimize wasted time while maintaining exceptional level of customer satisfaction.
eCommerce Accuracy – Make all inventory available for eCommerce orders to accurately fulfill them and decrease cancellation rates.
Search & Find It – Easily find missing and hard-to-locate items within the store using RFID technology and advanced tools.