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Enable fast, accurate tagging in-store or in distribution centers with our handheld RFID encoding solutions.

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Part of our comprehensive suite of solutions for printing and encoding, RFID handheld encoding lets you create item-level RFID tags in-store and in the distribution center.


Get your item-level RFID project up and running faster, with one-second tag encoding in-store and in your distribution centers.


Enabled by Clarity®, our intuitive item-level enterprise software platform, RFID handheld encoding has never been easier.


Enable pilots, returns, and in-store item-level inventory tagging with cost-effective multi-use tags.


Tag-locking capabilities protect your brand, data, and inventory integrity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you encode an RFID label?

With SML Clarity® RFID software you can accurately encode RFID labelstags and RFID cards on the fly.  You can also scan barcode information to program the RFID chip. 

How many characters can an RFID tag hold?

Typically the RFID tag is encoded with a 128-bit Electronic Product Code (EPC) code that is a unique item-level identification code that provides a unique identity for every physical object anywhere in the world, for all time. The EPC structure is defined in the EPCglobal Tag Data Standard, which is a freely available standard.

How do you write data into an RFID tag?

Using Clarity® technology, the RFID handheld can be connected with the retailer’s inventory management system to specify the unique Electronic Product Code tag needed for that item.  The handheld can be used to locate specific item via RFID tag reads, and to update the inventory status to indicate each item has been picked. Clarity® can forward the collected data to the retailer’s online order-management system in order to alert a customer that a product was successfully picked and is ready at a specific site for pickup, or that it has been shipped.