Fragrance & Cosmetics

Innovative, RFID-enabled packaging designs and solutions for fragrance, cosmetics, and beauty products.

Industry Challenges

Within the last several years alone, the fragrance and cosmetic industries have experienced explosive growth across global markets, and each is projected to realize double-digit, year-over-year growth rates moving forward. Amid such incredible opportunity, retailers also face more complex challenges around in-store operations and management of high-volume, quick-turn inventory — challenges that require sophisticated technology solutions to overcome.

SML’s item-level RFID solutions for inventory management enable fragrance and cosmetic retailers to know precisely what they have in stock, in order to deliver exactly what the customer wants, when they want it. With inventory accuracy rates of 93-99% and drastically reduced out-of-stocks,  fragrance and cosmetics retailers using these solutions experience real and tangible return on investment (ROI), resulting in cascading benefits across the entire retail enterprise.

Benefits of Item-Level RFID for Fragrance & Cosmetics

  • 93-99% item-level inventory accuracy
  • Reduction of out-of-stock
  • Inventory reduction in supply chain
  • >50% reduction of internal shrink

How SML Helps Fragrance & Cosmetic Brands

While fragrance, cosmetic, and beauty products are typically small in size, their dollar values and theft rates are often high. Loss prevention solutions are increasingly critical to counter these issues, but determining which technology and item-level RFID inlay to use can be challenging for retailers — especially considering most products contain glass, metal, or liquid contents that can impair RFID read range performance.

The breadth of our item-level RFID solutions and brand identification product offerings, combined with the depth of our retail expertise, ensure the best results for each of our customers and their unique brand needs. SML partners with fragrance and cosmetics brands to help them excel in the new era of retailing, delivering RFID as an EAS solution for loss prevention, hard-to-tag fragrance, cosmetic and beauty products packaging and tagging capabilities, and extensive printing and encoding solutions — all delivered from the industry’s largest service bureau network.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of managing and tracking cosmetics with RFID?

Managing and tracking cosmetics using Radio Frequency Identification or RFID can result in 93-99% item-level inventory accuracy. This enables brands to know when supply is running low and reduce the out-of-stock incidents. It can also reduce theft rates and help with loss prevention solutions of these hard-to-tag items. SML’s wide-range of item-level RFID solutions and retail expertise provide cosmetics, fragrance and beauty brands with the best solution in the industry. Contact our RFID experts today.