Transform inventory management through item-level RFID, to ensure the freshest products for consumers.

Industry Challenges

Item-level RFID is increasingly essential for food industry supply chain management, particularly when it comes to freshness and perishability. SML’s item-level software platform enables you to track products by their date and location of origin, letting you achieve automated “first in, first out” inventory management as well as reducing both risk and waste in the case of food recalls.

Inventory control is an ongoing challenge for food retailers. Inaccurate inventory leads to dissatisfied customers as well as significant food waste, with grocery stores throwing away billions of pounds of food annually, simply because it is not fresh enough.

Food companies are also responsible for recalling unsafe goods to prevent contamination of the food chain. SML’s traceability solutions can minimize the need to throw away entire batches of food by allowing you to trace products at the item level. In addition, today’s food customers (now including BOPIS and eCommerce consumers) are more interested than ever in how their food is produced, what’s in their food, and where exactly it came from — further driving the need for greater supply chain transparency.

Benefits of Item-Level RFID for the Food Industry

  • 93-99% item-level inventory accuracy
  • Reduce overall inventory and out-of-stock at the same time
  • Greatly increased food traceability and transparency
  • Accurate compliance with food recalls

How We Help

With deep experience in retail and a strong foothold in the food industry, SML offers comprehensive item-RFID solutions that address the challenges food retailers are facing, helping to ensure food safety, increase efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance the consumer experience.

Enabled by the industry’s largest global service bureau network, our printing and encoding solutions are designed to meet the ever-changing demands of food retailers and deliver RFID tag products within short lead times.

Improved supply chain management and transparency, on-shelf monitoring, and faster checkout — all empowered by item-level RFID — are part of the new reality in today’s food industry.

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