High-Quality Poly Bags

Protect your products from origin to store shelves with SML's durable poly bags.

Poly Bags Overview

From garments to accessories, SML’s poly bags are ideal for distributing any kind of product. Available in a variety of affordable styles that seamlessly meet your unique needs, our poly bags are also more resilient against damage than other packaging types.

What Makes Poly Bags Great Packaging Material?

  • Dramatically reduced package development time
  • Consistency of design and quality across multiple locations
  • Sustainable material solutions
  • Global color management

Brand Identification Solutions

Our brand identification solutions include everything your brand needs to ensure global consistency in design, color, material usage, and data carriage.

Comprehensive Offerings

Our Inspire™ and EcoInspire™ product portfolios provide a full range of business solutions that address your brand’s unique functional, aesthetic, identity, sustainability, and security needs.

End-to-End Services

From design and printing to tagging and shipping, we manage the entire label manufacturing process to ensure the highest product quality.

Global Production

Our global in-house production capabilities and localized services allow us to deliver consistent, high-quality labels and accessories within short lead times. 

Creative Services

Our in-house creative design experts work as an extension of your team to design packaging products that distinguish your brand.

Sustainable Materials

We continue to develop new types of sustainable packaging that meet both the aesthetic needs of your brand and your waste reduction and recycling objectives.

E-Platform Data Management System

Manage and streamline the complete ordering fulfillment process between brands and manufacturers, while obtaining a single source of truth for data integrity and orders visibility.

  • Seamlessly manage poly bag orders
  • Reliable data management

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are poly bags used for?

Poly bags are commonly used for many goods like clothing, accessories, magazines, even small toys. Poly bags are typically more economical than traditional corrugated boxes. They’re lightweight and cheaper to ship.

Why are they called poly bags?

Poly bags are named as such because they are bags made out of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a polymer used for packaging including plastic bags.