Sustainable Brands are Powered by SML

As a Trusted Partner, We Deliver on our Promises

Whether through our sustainable approach, ethical sourcing, or commitment to our people, responsibility is at our core.

  • Compliance with local & international regulations
  • Sustainable operations across SML facilities
  • Emphasis on giving back to the community & CSR

Environmental, Social and Governance Report​

Download our 2022 ESG report and learn about another pivotal year in our own sustainability journey.​

Our 2030 Sustainability Goals

GHG Emissions

Reduce our scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 40% compared to the 2018 baseline with an intent to commit to the Science Based Targets Initiative (“SBTi”), aiming at net-zero by 2050

Products and Materials

Increase the percentage of sustainable products for sustainability pioneer brands that consist of sustainable elements to 90%

Waste Management

Increase the percentage of waste diverted from landfill to 95%

Supply Chain

Increase the percentage of suppliers that conform to our environmental and social policies to 95%

Gender Equality

Achieve a female-to-male ratio of 45:55 in our workforce

Occupational Health and Safety

Achieve zero fatal accidents and a total recordable incident rate that is below the industry average

Operation Green

We are continually improving our operational processes with the planet in mind.

SML Group isn’t satisfied with “checkbox” compliance. Our dedicated in-house compliance team works alongside third-party certification bodies to regularly inspect each production location and ensure that we meet rigorous standards and are compliant against local and international operations policies.

House with green roof among the white on the grass, for real estate property or eco friendly house concept

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment in which we live.

While we source responsibly and provide a wide range of eco-friendly paper, inks, and textiles, our consideration for the environment goes beyond just the sustainable materials we use. Our systems-wide approach spans across all facets of SML’s ecosystem, leveraging renewable energy, optimized logistics, and a reduced carbon footprint to promote minimized waste, emissions, and harmful impact throughout our supply chain.

Responsible Sourcing

We require all suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors to provide independent certifications that demonstrate compliance with local and international standards.

Sustainable Solutions

Through our enterprise item-level RFID software platform, Clarity®, we uncover more efficient and optimized processes that prevent overstock in your stores, drive greater visibility throughout your supply chain, and help make well-informed decisions that can minimize unnecessary waste.

Sustainable Products

From our sustainably sourced EcoInspire™ labels and packaging products to our Eco RFID Inlay, we minimize environmental impact without sacrificing quality performance.

Social Compliance

We take care of our people, because passionate employees make all the difference in today’s competitive landscape.

Our people fuel this company and are critical to our success. We’re committed to creating a great place to work and we’re proud to have a diverse, global workforce that collectively shares in our commitment to impactful and ethical business practices.

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Employee Well-Being

We value our incredible talent and strive to make sure our employees feel safe, satisfied, engaged, and supported to ensure their health and well-being at work.

Celebrating Diversity

With office locations in 20+ countries across the world, we believe that employee diversity is an important resource, which correlates to greater innovation, creativity, and performance.

Ethical Trading

We ensure that each of our employees’ working and living conditions measure up to our ethical trading policies. Our production locations are regularly audited to ensure ongoing compliance with these strict regulations.


Sustainable Materials

We work with our global suppliers to offer a variety of eco-friendly products made from sustainably sourced and recycled materials, each with independent certifications that demonstrate compliance.