Clarity® RFID Software

Clarity® is the most powerful item-level RFID software suite on the market. This RFID enterprise software suite is built on the cloud-based Clarity® Core platform to deliver unmatched operational efficiency and accuracy in solving today’s retail store, logistics, supply chain, and customer experience challenges. Learn how Clarity® maximizes retail ROI via Clarity® Core, Clarity® Supply Chain, Clarity® Store, Clarity® Experience and Clarity® Food.

Comprehensive Scope

Our RFID software suite supports a wide, ever-growing range of use cases from the supply chain to the sales floor.

Return on Investment

Achieve dramatic, measurable ROI from your transformation from SKU to RFID with software built to deliver value.

Accuracy & Efficiency

Get the full benefit of RFID item-level inventory accuracy and efficiencies across your operations.


Our partnership model backs every Clarity® deployment with professional services for training, support, and more.

How It Works

Clarity® leverages item-level RFID data through its cloud-based core engine to support the entire lifecycle of products — from factory through distribution to stores and beyond.

Key Features of Clarity® RFID Software

Platform Architecture:

  • Cloud-based
  • Two-way Integrations with Existing Enterprise Applications
  • Horizontally Scalable
  • Redundancy & Fault Tolerance
  • Data Security
  • Event Repository
  • Business Intelligence
  • Ultra High Uptime
  • Single Tenet

Solutions Options:

  • Clarity® IoT Reader Monitor
  • Handhelds
  • Fixed Readers
  • Work Stations
  • Robots
  • Kiosks
  • Self-checkout
  • POI Terminals
  • Smart Dressing Rooms


Brands Served Globally

20+ Billion

Items Connected with Digital ID


Stores Deployed with Clarity® 

Why use Clarity® RFID Software?

You can rely on SML and the Clarity® RFID software suite to support your brand’s transformation from SKU to item-level RFID. Clarity® software applications allow you to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) by unlocking the power of item-level technologies from the supply chain to the store to deliver greater inventory accuracy, labor efficiency, business intelligence, and customer satisfaction.

  • Dramatic Return on Investment (ROI) 
  • Rapid Tag Delivery Times
  • Highest Tag Read Performance
  • Reduced Mis-shipment Claims
  • Upstream Shipment Compliance
  • Increased Sales
  • Improved Labor Efficiency Across the Supply Chain and in the Store
  • Reduced Excess Inventory
  • Reduced BOPIS Cancel Rates
  • Direct Sustainability Impact
  • Improved Brand Protection
  • Improved Customer Engagement & Satisfaction

Create your item-level retail RFID success story

See how Clarity® unlocks the full potential of item-level RFID data across the supply chain and in the store.

Clarity® Core

The powerful cloud-based platform that supports integrations, transactions, business intelligence, and event repository.

  • Achieve improved performance, scalability, and supportability of item-level RFID applications.
  • Easily integrate multiple device types for near real-time visibility into item-level events.
  • Create meaningful enterprise intelligence across your business by leveraging the high volume of item-level event data.
  • Extend value and enhance performance with two-way integrations with your existing applications.
RFID Scanner and tag
Supply Chain boxes

Clarity® Supply Chain

One-of-a-kind comprehensive enterprise offering that combines Clarity® Supply Chain and Clustag™ solutions through our partnership with logistics automation industry leader RIELEC.

  • Improve accuracy and efficiency across your supply chain through applications that deliver reliable item-level data to your enterprise systems.
  • Drive improved supplier and downstream compliance with 100% accurate auditing of inbound and outbound shipments.
  • Automate in-line auditing with a 100% accurate automated on-conveyor material handling system.
  • Streamline your returns management with 100% accurate grading and transaction recording.

Clarity® Store

Transform in-store performance with this powerful item-level RFID platform and software suite.

  • Reduce out-of-stocks, improve availability, and achieve greater than 98% inventory accuracy
  • Improve labor efficiency by leveraging the latest technology to speed processes and reduce wasted time while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Accurately fulfill eCommerce orders and reduce cancel rates.
  • Locate missing and hard-to-find items within the store through search-and-find-it capabilities.

Clarity® Experience

Enhance the in-store customer experience with RFID-enabled interactions that will engage and delight your customers.

  • Empower customers with POI terminals that provide accurate in-stock information and affinity suggestions.
  • Provide an interactive dressing room experience with the RFID-enabled virtual dressing room attendant.
  • Increase throughput and accuracy while reducing checkoutlines with RFID-enabled self-checkout.
  • Improve BOPIS pickup experience with a login system that notifies an attendant when a customer arrives.

Clarity® Food

Unlock the potential of RFID in the food industry with the innovative Clarity® Food, ensuring freshness, safety, and compliance.

  • RFID technology in Clarity® Food enables batch-level traceability, supporting a First-Expired-First-Out (FEFO) approach to reduce waste and maintain product freshness.
  • Improve recall response with RFID, identifying affected batches quickly, tracking distribution efficiently, and ensuring consumer safety with reduced costs.
  • Clarity® Food’s RFID solutions aid in reducing food waste by providing real-time inventory data, improving management, and enhancing demand forecasting.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance seamlessly with RFID tracking across the supply chain, ensuring adherence to food safety standards like the FSMA, avoiding regulatory fines, and reinforcing consumer trust.

Real-World Success

How We Can Help
“Before RFID, we thought that every item shipped to the store would end up on the shop floor, but that was not the case,” says Johan Stenström, Stadium’s supply chain developer. “Items were misplaced, lost or stolen and never surfaced in our ERP system. It meant that items that we made in China, had shipped to Sweden, and distributed to our stores were never sold because they got stuck, misplaced or lost in the backroom 10 meters from the customer. This was not acceptable. Now we get a replenishment list in real time of the items that should go out on the shop floor.”
How We Can Help
Our initial pilots using SML’s Clarity® RFID solution allowed us to gain a significantly improved view of our inventory and the return on investment across the business was apparent.

Brand Transformation Starts Here

We don’t just provide products and solutions for item-level retail RFID and brand identification. We’re true partners in your brand’s journey, here to see you through from conception to the successful implementation of your RFID program.

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