Clarity® Supply Chain

Solutions that address both obvious and hidden vulnerabilities in your supply chain by providing accurate information to your enterprise systems.

Automated Inbound & Outbound Monitoring

100% accurate auditing of inbound and outbound shipments driving improved supplier and downstream compliance

Automated In-line Auditing

100% accurate automated on-conveyor material handling system with full integration into existing material control systems

Streamlined Returns Management

Reduce the touches to manage a return by 50% while achieving 100% accurate grading and transaction recording

Accurate Picking & Packing

100% accurate box packing to ensure downstream order compliance

Transforming Distribution Center & Factory Inventory Management

Achieve item-level accuracy and efficiency to enhance your supply chain operations.

  • Stock Count
  • Inbound Receiving/Audit
  • Outbound Audit/Shipping Verification
  • Automated Carton-level Auditing
  • Packing & Picking Audit
  • System Uptime
  • Inventory Look-up, Search, & Find

Real-World Success

How We Can Help
“Before RFID, we thought that every item shipped to the store would end up on the shop floor, but that was not the case,” says Johan Stenström, Stadium’s supply chain developer. “Items were misplaced, lost or stolen and never surfaced in our ERP system. It meant that items that we made in China, had shipped to Sweden, and distributed to our stores were never sold because they got stuck, misplaced or lost in the backroom 10 meters from the customer. This was not acceptable. Now we get a replenishment list in real time of the items that should go out on the shop floor.”
How We Can Help
“Our initial pilots using SML’s Clarity® RFID solution allowed us to gain a significantly improved view of our inventory and the return on investment across the business was apparent.”

The New Era of Retailing Starts Here

Creating the foundation you need to empower enterprise-wide transformation from SKU to item-level operations.


Stores Deployed with Clarity®

12+ Billion

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is quality control (QC) in supply chain?

Quality control (QC) in supply chain refers to the process of ensuring that products meet specified quality standards before they are delivered to customers. This involves inspecting, testing, and verifying that products are free from defects, comply with specified requirements and meet the expectations of the customers.

The goal of quality control in the supply chain is to prevent defects and non-conformance to specifications from reaching the customer, thereby improving customer satisfaction and reducing the risk of returns, complaints, and costly recall situations. To improve quality control in your supply chain using RFID, contact SML— your RFID company.