Clarity® Experience

Bringing the power of RFID technology to the customer experience to enhance in-store satisfaction and improve operations.

POI Terminal

Empower customers with accurate in-stock information and affinity suggestions

Interactive Dressing Room

RFID-enabled virtual dressing room attendant, with capability to notify associates for help if needed

RFID-enabled Self Checkout

Increase throughput and accuracy while reducing checkout lines

BOPIS Pickup

Login system to alert an attendant when a customer arrives to pick up an online order

Enhance the In-store Customer Experience

Bring innovative operations to your stores with RFID-enabled experiences that will delight your customers.

  • BOPIS Check-in
  • RFID-based POS
  • Self Checkout
  • Customer Scan & Go
  • POI Kiosk
  • Smart Dressing Room
  • Product Interaction Reports
  • Consumer Interaction Reports
  • Inventory Look-up

Frequently Asked Questions

How can RFID improve customer experience?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology-powered software like Clarity® Experience can enhance operational efficiency and dramatically improve customer experience through:

Enhanced customer experience by providing accurate stock information and personalized recommendations through the POI terminal.
– RFID-powered virtual dressing room attendant that can alert associates for assistance if necessary.
– RFID-enabled self-checkout can enhance speed and accuracy while decreasing checkout lines.
– Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) pickup with a notification system to alert staff when a customer arrives to retrieve their online order.