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Bring your labels and packaging to life with our innovative and customizable RFID tagging solutions.


The use of RFID labels and packaging has increasingly enabled brands to improve everything from inventory accuracy, to logistics, traceability, and product authenticity verifications — and exciting new applications of these solutions continue to emerge. As brands adopt more circular and connected business models, SML’s RFID products serve as the perfect vehicle to connect products, customers, and partners across the entire product lifecycle, in more intelligent and beneficial ways than ever before.

Key Benefits
  • Customizable, high-resolution options in a variety of different colors and materials
  • Long reading range and high reading performance
  • Programmed electronically to capture store item-level information, including product type, size, color, and other identification and tracking features
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How We Can Help
“We have efficiently worked together in support of the Decathlon program and we are pleased to see SML reach the landmark of delivering more than 400 million RFID labels over the past several years.”
How We Can Help
“Teamwork and communication between F&F and SML have been the main reasons why this project has been successful. SML has provided excellent account management, smooth processing of vendor orders, flexible production planning and above all a strong desire to work with F&F. “

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We don’t just provide products and solutions for item-level retail RFID and brand identification. We’re true partners in your brand’s journey, here to see you through from conception to the successful implementation of your RFID program.


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