EcoInspire™ Labels and Packaging

Representing our growing portfolio of sustainable labels and packaging products to elevate brand experiences for retailers and brand owners, EcoInspire™ redefines the landscape of retail labels and packaging. As one of the world’s largest label providers and RFID solutions companies, we partner with businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. With our global reach and local service, EcoInspire™ ensures that your brand stays ahead in the rapidly evolving green marketplace, bolstering both your environmental and economic goals.

Cutting-edge eco-smart design solutions for labels and packaging

Sustainable materials for labels, packaging and accessories

Profitable green solutions with global support

Meet the Challenges of Modern Packaging With Eco-Friendly Labels and Materials

We bring together sustainability and style with our EcoInspire™ Labels and Packaging. Explore our solutions designed to enhance brand identity in the evolving retail environment.

The Future of Sustainable Packaging Starts Now

Let us take you on a journey to greater, greener profits and fewer headaches. Embrace EcoInspire™’s unmatched eco-friendly packaging products that give you truly transformative results:

  • Eco-friendly packaging materials
  • Wide selection of packaging types and sizes
  • RFID and non-RFID packaging available
  • Financially sound business solutions
  • Unmatched scalability
  • Industry-leading support

Printing & Encoding

With 20+ global service bureau locations, we ensure prompt, reliable delivery of our innovative printing and encoding solutions to customers around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes labels and packaging sustainable?

Sustainable labels and packaging are designed with materials and processes that minimize environmental impact. They typically involve using recycled or renewable resources, reduced use of harmful chemicals, and recyclable or compostable designs. SML’s EcoInspire™ range, for instance, uses advanced materials like recycled yarn and organic cotton and employs manufacturing processes that reduce waste and carbon footprint.

How can adopting sustainable labels and packaging benefit my business?

Adopting sustainable labels and packaging can benefit your business in several ways:
It aligns your brand with the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products, enhancing your brand image.
It can reduce costs by optimizing material use and streamlining waste management.
Lastly, it can help your business meet regulatory requirements and industry standards for environmental responsibility,
potentially opening up new market opportunities.