EcoInspire™ Sustainable Labels

Drive your brand to the pinnacle of innovation, profitability, and sustainability. Digital identification and branding are transformed with EcoInspire™ labels – in RFID and non-RFID formats. Exceed today’s eco-friendly demands and gain the business certainty you need to compete in the fast-advancing green-label world. Experience peerless environmentally conscious labeling solutions that boost your bottom line.


Easily-recyclable materials for sustainable, low-impact maintenance.

Green Profitability

Elevate your brand’s environmental ethos while driving economic growth.

Customizable Solutions

Experience the flexibility of EcoInspire™ labels, expertly crafted to meet your unique business needs.


Global production and localized service delivers consistent, high-quality products with shorter lead times.

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EcoInspire™ Sustainable Labels Overview

As global awareness and regulatory demands rise, sustainability becomes a cornerstone for retailers and brands worldwide. EcoInspire™ Sustainable Labels lead this charge by offering green options, dispelling misconceptions that eco-friendliness compromises quality or appeal. These sustainable labels encompass a range of options, such as FSC™ or GRS-certified materials, recycled yarn, recycled polyester tape, recycled nylon, non-solvent-based inks, cotton, compostable matt and floss, and sugar cane hangtag. Sustainability labeling delivers tangible ROI by optimizing inventory efficiency and meeting the eco-conscious demands of today’s market.

Features and Benefits of EcoInspire™ Sustainable Labels:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Crafted with recycled yarn, non-solvent based inks, and sustainable textiles, our labels reduce environmental impact.
  • Brand Alignment: Strengthen your eco-friendly brand persona and meet customer expectations for sustainability.
  • Design Excellence: Combine durability with design, ensuring your labels are as stylish as they are sustainable.
  • Certified Assurance: Backed by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™) and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certifications, guaranteeing adherence to strict environmental standards.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigate Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Sustainable Packaging Coalition guidelines with our expertise.
  • Consumer Trust: Build consumer confidence with transparent and genuine sustainable practices.

Implementing Sustainable Labels for Your Brand

Adopting Ecolinspire™ Sustainable Labels is more than an environmental movement; it’s a strategic business move. To effectively integrate these eco-friendly labels, it’s important to consider the brand’s specific needs and choose the right sustainable label solutions. Contact SML’s Sustainable Labels Experts today for a step towards a sustainable future.

Find your perfect label in EcoInspire’s sustainable collection

Explore EcoInspire™ sustainable labels, engineered for an eco-friendly impact and optimized for your profitability.

EcoInspire Recycled Care Label

A blend of sustainability and efficiency in every label.

  • Crafted from 100% Recycled Polyester or Nylon Tape for robust, eco-friendly durability
  • GRS-certified material options align with global sustainability standards
  • Compliant by design, our labels can accommodate QR codes to display a wealth of product information, allowing for a more streamlined and resource-saving label size

EcoInspireOrganic Cotton Care Label

Experience the difference with EcoInspire™ Organic Cotton Care Label, blending premium quality with eco-friendly practices.

  • Fabricated for superior softness and breathability, surpassing non-organic alternatives in quality
  • Cultivated using organic cotton to minimize toxic pesticides and fertilizers

EcoInspire Recycled Woven Label

Redefining sustainability in every stitch.

  • Made from 100% recycled yarn sourced from discarded plastic bottles
  • Eco-efficient production reduces energy and water use and cuts down on GHG emissions compared to virgin polyester
  • Available with GRS-certified material for eco-friendly authenticity
  • Accommodates QR codes for detailed product information, fostering a compact design and resource efficiency

EcoInspire Recycled PE Sticker

Embrace a sustainable approach with EcoInspire™ Recycled PE Stickers, designed for eco-friendly labeling solutions.

  • Contains 30% recycled material from post-consumer plastic waste
  • Features garment-safe, APEO-free adhesive for secure and responsible application
  • Available in corona-treated white or clear film, catering to diverse labeling needs

EcoInspire Adhesive Paper Label

Seamlessly blend sustainability with your branding needs:

  • Offers FSC™ mix and FSC™ recycled paper option, aligning with responsible forest management practices
  • Cost-effective, maintaining parity with non-FSC™ material pricing
  • Features a translucent FSC™ paper face, versatile for various customer designs

EcoInspire Sustainable Paper and Varieties – FSC Mix / FSC Recycled Paper / Stone Paper / Cotton Paper

Champion eco-responsibility in every sheet:

  • Utilizes FSC™ certified paper, ensuring products come from responsibly managed forests
  • FSC™ Mix and Recycled Paper options boost the circular economy by preserving forests and minimizing waste
  • Alternative materials like Stone Paper and Cotton Paper available to further reduce tree fiber use
  • Offers non-solvent-based inks, including soy and vegetable options, as eco-friendly alternatives to petroleum oil-based inks

EcoInspire Green Lamination Matt & Gloss PP Film

Elevate your product finishes, where sustainability meets premium quality.

  • Home compostable, aligning with environmental sustainability
  • Crafted from sustainably sourced, renewable wood pulp
  • Available in various finishes, including gloss, matt, and satin, for versatile design options
  • Features scratch and finger mark resistance, ideal for maintaining aesthetics on darker colors
  • FDA approved, ensuring safety and quality standards

EcoInspire Sugar Cane Paper  

A testament to innovative, eco-friendly material choices:

  • Utilizes sugar cane, an eco-friendly alternative to wood pulp, requiring less energy and fewer chemicals to process
  • A renewable resource, sugar cane can be harvested more frequently and is 100% compostable
  • As a carbon-neutral plant, sugar cane doesn’t emit CO2 during paper production, helping reduce greenhouse gases
  • Offers a sustainable alternative to FSC™ materials, broadening eco-conscious choices

EcoInspireECO RFID Inlay

Shifting towards greener practices, EcoInspire™ now offers the Eco RFID Inlay:

  • Swaps the traditional, less sustainable PET carrier for an environmentally conscious paper alternative
  • Dramatically shortens decomposition time from 5-10 years to just six weeks
  • Versatile enough to be integrated into various products, including care labels, woven labels, and paper products

Carbon Footprint Verification

In 2020, SML carried out our first-ever product carbon footprint verification project to quantify carbon footprint of our selected RFID labels products, with the aim of comparing the carbon footprint of conventional PET RFID labels to that of our innovative Eco RFID labels. In these Eco RFID labels, the PET inlay is replaced with a paper carrier. This eco-friendly replacement of Eco RFID inlays over conventional PET inlays reduces the decomposition period of our labels from between five to ten years, to just six weeks.

The study was certified to be carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO14067:2018 “Greenhouse gases — Carbon footprint of products — Requirements and guidelines for quantification”.

Compared to the conventional PET RFID labels, our Eco RFID labels recorded a 10 – 16% decrease in product carbon footprint, implying a less impact on the environment by switching to our Eco RFID labels. It is our vision to explore more innovative products to further reduce adverse impacts on our environment.

EcoInspire™ Sustainable Packaging & Accessories

Provide sustainable protection and presentation, aligning product packaging with the environmental values of modern consumers.

  • Smart packaging designed for recyclability and resource efficiency
  • Packaging that attracts and resonates with sustainability-focused customers
  • Cost-effective packaging solutions that reduce waste and increase appeal

Sustainable Materials

We continue to develop new types of sustainable packaging that meet both the aesthetic needs of your brand and your waste reduction and recycling objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are sustainable labels?

Sustainable labels are branding materials made from environmentally friendly sources. They’re designed to minimize ecological impact throughout their lifecycle, from production to disposal, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainability in global business practices. SML’s EcoInspire™ Sustainable Labels offer retailers and brand owners various application options.

What are the most eco-friendly labels?

The most eco-friendly labels are those made with recycled, organic, or renewable materials that are compostable or easily recyclable, such as FSC™-certified paper, recycled polyester, and non-toxic inks.

Why are sustainable labels important in today’s consumer-driven world?

Today’s consumers are more attuned to the environmental impacts of their purchases and tend to favor brands that reflect their ecological concerns. Sustainable labels indicate a brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, influencing purchasing decisions and enhancing brand loyalty. EcoInspire™ Sustainable Labels by SML are designed to accommodate a wide range of application needs for retailers and brands.

How can businesses benefit from using sustainable labels?

Businesses using sustainable labels can see increased customer satisfaction, access to eco-conscious markets, and improved brand image. Additionally, they often comply with regulatory standards, reducing environmental liabilities and sometimes lowering costs through more efficient materials.

What are the different types of sustainable labels?

Sustainable labels come in various forms, including recycled, compostable, and renewable content labels. Each type is tailored to reduce environmental impact and meet specific sustainability goals.

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