Inspire RFID Tags

Tag selection is essential to the successful implementation of an RFID program. SML offers a comprehensive suite of tag options to address specific use cases in retail and other diverse industries, from apparel and footwear to logistics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, aviation, and countless other applications.

Multiple Delivery Formats

RFID tags come in a variety of delivery formats, from basic self-adhesive labels to high-quality branded hangtags and fully embedded tags.

Faster Reading, Longer Read Range

With ongoing improvements of chip sensitivity, coupled with new innovations in inlay antenna design, we are continually enhancing the performance characteristics of our tags to deliver faster communication and read range across our whole tag suite.

Tag the Untaggable

We work with you to solve your toughest tagging challenges. From high dielectric material, metals, or liquids, to products that seem too small to tag, we have tags that are suitable for every application need.

Choose from a wide range of
RFID Tag Products

From fully integrated brand labels to standard high-performing RFID tags, encoded with GS1 EPC identification data.

RFID Inlay

We’re one of the world’s largest ARC and TIPP-certified inlay designers:

  • Global RFID Tag Innovation Centers
  • Extensive team of inlay design experts
  • Rapid R&D testing and design capabilities

RFID Labels & Packaging

RFID-enabled labels and packaging give brands distinct competitive advantages:

  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Optimize logistics & traceability
  • Ensure product authentication


Additional RFID Solutions

Real-World Success

How We Help
“We have efficiently worked together to reach the landmark of SML delivering 100 million RFID labels, and we look forward to continuing this journey with SML as we expand our RFID solution.”
How We Help
“We have efficiently worked together in support of the Decathlon program and we are pleased to see SML reach the landmark of delivering more than 400 million RFID labels over the past several years.”

Brand Transformation
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We don’t just provide products and solutions for item-level retail RFID and brand identification. We’re true partners in your brand’s journey, here to see you through from conception to the successful implementation of your RFID program.

9+ Billion

RFID Encoded Tags Delivered to Date


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