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Flexible, accurate printing and encoding, delivered with continuous product innovation

One standard operating procedure across 25+ global production sites

Development, testing, implementation, and innovation support with 100% quality control

In-plant printing (IPP) and RFID handheld encoding solutions

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SML’s comprehensive printing and encoding services deliver the full range of brand identification and item-level RFID tag products with the flexibility and capacity to handle orders of all sizes and levels of complexity with 100% quality control. Our process optimizes the entire workflow from color sampling and calibration to QC, and we are constantly investing in production re-engineering to provide better products and increase efficiency.

RFID Handheld Encoding

The fastest way to enable item-level RFID tagging in the store and distribution centers. Ideal for RFID pilots, untagged returns, and other in-store applications.

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“Teamwork and communication between F&F and SML have been the main reasons why this project has been successful. SML has provided excellent account management, smooth processing of vendor orders, flexible production planning and above all a strong desire to work with F&F. “

Leading the World in Reliability & Quality

Our printing and encoding solutions transform complex, variable data into the labels, accessories, and item-level RFID tags you need, with consistent quality you can count on.


From end-to-end service bureau support to in-plant-printing to handheld RFID encoding, we provide the options you need.

Localized Service

From design and printing to tagging and shipping, we manage the entire label manufacturing process to ensure the highest product quality.


Over our 35+ years of experience, we’ve produced a spectrum of labels, accessories, and RFID tags using our E-Platform Data Management System.


With standardized hardware, data management platform solution, and operating procedure across all 25 RFID-encoding sites, you get reliable quality from any production site.


We are constantly improving efficiencies and increasing productivity so we grow as fast as your brand does.

RFID Printing & Encoding Brochure

Discover how SML’s RFID printing and encoding solutions are helping retailers make the shift from barcode technology to item-level inventory management to achieve greater efficiencies across the supply chain.

Inspire Labels & Accessories

Achieve the highest level of quality and consistency for your printed tags, labels, and accessories, produced globally and delivered locally. Our expertise allows us to deliver a comprehensive range of labels and accessories with the flexibility and capacity to meet your brand’s needs.


Brand Serviced Globally

35+ Years

Of Apparel and Footwear Industry Experience

Inspire RFID Tags

Get the printed and encoded RFID tag and label options you need to manage inventory at the item level. Our item-level RFID printing and encoding deliver best-in-class results, across industries and across the globe.


Global Service Bureau Locations

12+ Billion

RFID Encoded Tags Delivered