Enable better inventory management and tracking with SML’s item-level RFID solution for electronics.

Industry Challenges

The electronics industry is one of the largest retail segments in the world, yet inventory management is still largely done using outdated SKU-based methods and barcode technology. Amid rapidly evolving consumer purchasing behavior, new omnichannel buying models, increasing competition between retailers, and the need for a step-function improvement to inventory accuracy, the time for a new approach has arrived.

By combining item-level product schemas, standards-based RFID technology, and innovative software applications, SML helps electronics retailers better manage inventory and improve customer service. But the benefits don’t stop there. The ROI from RFID technology enables electronics brands and retailers to create enterprise value and accelerate transformational change to succeed in the new era of retailing.

Benefits of Item-Level RFID for Electronics

  • Sales lift in stores of electronics and related accessories
  • Inventory reduction in supply chain
  • Reduction of shrink over 50%
  • Elimination of need for physical counts

Real-World Success

“Within the past 18 months, a UK retailer has been able to successfully maintain stock record accuracy to over 98%, leading to improved availability and a reduced loss of sales.”

How We Help

With deep industry experience in electronics, SML offers comprehensive solutions from item-level RFID technology to brand identification solutions that meet the needs of today’s electronics retail leaders.

Our printing and encoding solutions, produced by the industry’s largest in-country global service bureau network, are designed to meet ever-changing retail demands, delivering both RFID and non-RFID products in less time and from more locations. From in-plant printing and seamless RFID tag technology to a wide spectrum of brand identification form factors to support all product types, our breadth of product offerings and depth of experience ensures the best results for our customers and their unique brand needs.

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