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Technology-driven solutions built on 35+ years of retail expertise, to propel your brand into the future.

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Build a foundation for data-driven success, inventory management, and sustainability, with the #1 provider of item-level RFID technology solutions for retail and beyond.

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Differentiate your brand with a broad spectrum of labeling and packaging products, delivered with consistent quality and shorter lead times.

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Quick, flexible, and reliable printing and item-level RFID encoding solutions for any project of any size, anywhere. Manufactured globally and delivered locally, with quality you can count on.


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Rooted in 35+ years of retail success, we leverage our expertise to create the future of digital identification and item-level supply chain management for diverse industries.

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“The impact of the item-level RFID technology has been immediate. Across our stores we had an inflated view of our inventory levels, often leading to frustrations for customers and staff when products weren’t available. These issues have been completely eradicated with SML’s expertise, and we now have inventory accuracy levels of 95% and still climbing, allowing for smoother operations not only in-store but throughout our supply chain.”
How We Can Help
“Before RFID, we thought that every item shipped to the store would end up on the shop floor, but that was not the case,” says Johan Stenström, Stadium’s supply chain developer. “Items were misplaced, lost or stolen and never surfaced in our ERP system. It meant that items that we made in China, had shipped to Sweden, and distributed to our stores were never sold because they got stuck, misplaced or lost in the backroom 10 meters from the customer. This was not acceptable. Now we get a replenishment list in real time of the items that should go out on the shop floor.”
How We Can Help
Teamwork and communication between F&F and SML have been the main reasons why this project has been successful. SML has provided excellent account management, smooth processing of vendor orders, flexible production planning and above all a strong desire to work with F&F.
How We Can Help
Our initial pilots using SML’s Clarity® RFID solution allowed us to gain a significantly improved view of our inventory and the return on investment across the business was apparent.
How We Can Help
SML’s RFID solutions allowed us to drastically improve store efficiency. From an in-store stock count efficiency improvement of 26 times and an overall inventory accuracy of 98%, I am confident that RFID is one of the technology that can continue to help us improving store efficiency.

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