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BEAUMANOIR Partners with SML and Pilots Item-level RFID to Enhance Inventory Accuracy & Customer Service Within China Stores

SML RFID has been working with Beaumanoir’s Cache Cache brand in China since March 2019. The retailer determined that it needed to improve efficiency around its stock-taking process by reducing the time and labor consumption in addition to improving transparency around the existing stock. The retailer was also in need of data-driven analytics to analyze customers’ product preferences. To enable this, SML RFID designed a pilot implementation and deployed RFID across three pilot stores using SML’s Clarity® software suite and ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID encoded tags.

During the pilot across the stores in China, Cache Cache has seen its stock-taking efficiency increase by 26 times. Overall inventory accuracy reached 98% across all three stores within the short timeframe. In addition, back stock receiving efficiency is now six times faster as a result of utilizing SML’s RFID solutions. Driven by the need to remain competitive and catch up with the in-store customer experience delivered by other retailers in the market, the Beaumanoir brand has also benefited from analytics to better understand customer preferences.

Commenting on the project, Jerome CAMBOUNET, CEO of Beaumanoir Asia said: “SML’s RFID solutions allowed us to drastically improve store efficiency. From an in-store stock count efficiency improvement of 26 times and an overall inventory accuracy of 98%, I am confident that RFID is one of the technologies that can continue to help us improve store efficiency.”

To facilitate the project, SML RFID worked in partnership with BEAUMANOIR to design and implement a pilot aimed at delivering enhanced in-store efficiency and collecting new customer data to gain insights into product preferences. Following the pilot, BEAUMANOIR will consider rolling out RFID solutions across 20 more of its Cache Cache stores within China.

Matthieu BROUSSIN, Digital Transformation Project Manager, Groupe Beaumanoir, Greater China, comments: “We started working with SML near the end of 2018 to pilot in March 2019. While the project is still ongoing, both teams have collaborated as partners where SML has demonstrated its global experience with other retailers to help us simplify the adoption process.”

Commenting on the project, Dean FREW, SML’s CTO and Senior VP of RFID Solutions, says: “We are seeing a consistent trend amongst retailers across the globe, where implementing item-level RFID is helping them innovate and remain competitive within this highly competitive market. Our project with Beaumanoir’s Cache Cache brand is a clear example of how retailers can use item-level RFID to improve store efficiency, inventory access, and deliver a better customer experience.”