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Webinar: How SML is Helping Retailers and Brand Owners Emerge From this Crisis

As retailers and brand owners start looking to open their doors again, each of them is facing similar critical issues.

Our research has uncovered that one of their top issues will be knowing their true inventory position at retail and distribution centers.

From our analysis, we believe that doing a highly accurate product inventory count before business fully resumes will help retailers and brand owners adjust inventory strategies. As more retailers and brand owners have tagged their products with RFID, many have not leveraged item-level RFID software for their own benefit.  Our affordable item-level RFID solutions will be the best approach in helping them with a simple, easy, and accurate count. Equipped with this knowledge, managing your supply chain through these times will be less challenging.

SML’s CTO and SVP of RFID Solution, Mr Dean Frew, would like to reveal the steps the smartest retailers are taking to ensure they not only survive, but thrive in the future through this webinar.

View more details behind our study and offer at the following new Blog: “Inventory Management Options To Help Retailers and Brand Owners Emerge From the Crisis”.