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SML Announces RFID TotalCare™ to Enable Retailers and Brand Owners to Simplify RFID Adoption and Maximize Returns

However, many brand owners will be either adopting item-level RFID for the very first time or expanding existing projects and facing challenges around how to effectively scale these solutions and maximize tangible value with minimal risk. In addition, a significant industry challenge has been the increasing number of brand owners now facing new tagging mandates from retailers requiring them to source tag products they provide. SML’s TotalCare™ suite of technology and services help brand owners rethink how they comply with the requirements with minimal financial impact as well as leverage the technology bringing value directly to them.

SML’s RFID TotalCare™ offering has been designed to deliver both immediate and long-term business value for brand owners facing new or changing retailer mandates. The all-in-one package provides a complete range of RFID solutions from tag development within current product categories, high-quality source tagging at the factory, enhancing processes in factories and distribution centers, revolutionizing inventory accuracy in stores, and a complete suite of consulting services to help maximize return on investments across the product life cycle.

“Within the past 8 months, we have seen more retailers and brand owners initiate meaningful adoption of item-level RFID across numerous distribution centers and thousands of stores. However, many brand owners are learning about the technology for the first time and seeking ways to leverage it for business benefits rather than just meet the mandates,” commented Dean Frew, CTO and Senior VP of RFID Solutions at SML Group. “This, combined with emerging retailer mandates, can make the technology seem more complex than it is. As a result, we’re thrilled to launch SML’s TotalCare™ as a one-stop shop for all retail RFID needs. Regardless of where a retailer or brand owner is in their RFID journey, SML has the experienced team and technology to help.”

SML has worked with some of the largest global retailers in a number of successful large-scale item-level RFID deployments delivering billions of high-quality encoded Inspire™ RFID tags in conjunction with its enterprise-grade Clarity® software. SML’s RFID TotalCare™ offering simplifies and focuses on the use of item-level RFID systemically, helping to streamline the incremental cost of RFID while presenting an opportunity to leverage technology to drive a spectrum of efficiency gains in factories, distribution centers, and company stores.

In June 2019, SML launched its latest Retail Ideation Space (RIS) in Plano, Texas as part of a strategic move to reinforce the company’s status as a full-service RFID solution provider. The facility houses the headquarters for SML’s RFID software solutions development in addition to being the primary location for RFID solutions development.  If you have questions about RFIDTotalCare®, send inquiries to