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NRF 2020: SML RFID to Showcase Three Tiers of ROI Using Item-Level RFID

  • Date: Sunday 12th – 14th January 2020
  • Venue: Javits Center, New York, New York
  • Booth: 227 

Taking place Sunday 12th – Tuesday 14th January 2020, SML will be joining over 800 exhibitors and over 100 speaker sessions led by some of the leading figures and authorities within the retail space.

Having worked with some of the largest retailers in the world to implement global RFID rollouts, SML RFID works in partnership with its customers to understand their unique pain points. Each customer journey when implementing item-level RFID varies due to differing challenges and project goals.

When reporting on the ROI of each project, every retailer tends to experience the same three tiers of ROI. The first ROI, a direct result of item-level RFID, is around inventory management and developing a new model to help retailers better manage their existing stock. Once effective inventory management has been achieved, retailers can then begin exploring the second tier which focuses on loss prevention and delivering an enhanced customer experience. The final tier relates to how RFID can help wider store operations for retailers. For example, implementing an effective omnichannel, speeding up the checkout process or providing innovative shopping experiences.

All retailers agree on the ROI once item-level RFID has been implemented. However, for those that have yet to explore how the technology can benefit their operations, the technology can seem more complex than it is.

SML RFID recently launched its RFID TotalCare™ offering an all-in-one systemic package of its Inspire™ RFID Tag Solutions, Clarity® Enterprise Level RFID Software Solutions and Professional Services which is a complete suite of consulting services to help maximize ROI. RFID TotalCare™ has been developed to better serve retailers by simplifying the entire technology adoption process, reducing risk and driving ROI across all levels of the business model.

The offering has been designed to deliver both immediate and long-term business value for brand owners facing new or changing retail mandates; providing a full range of RFID solutions from tag development, revolutionizing inventory accuracy within stores and consulting services aimed at maximizing return on investment.

To find out more about SML’s RFID TotalCare™ solution, come visit our NRF booth and schedule an appointment with us at