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How is Clarity RFID Software used in retail?

Item-Level RFID technology is creating a New Era in Retailing. A growing number of Retailers and Brands are using this technology and software to create dramatic returns on investment: manage inventory more effectively, improve sales, improve operations in stores and distribution centers and improve customer satisfaction.

Real World: Real Success

Tesco recently demonstrated this by adopting Clarity® RFID Software by SML RFID.  Using Clarity technology as a platform, Tesco was able to automate cycle counts across 500 stores involving 30 million rows of business, providing large-scale business intelligence without creating extra work for human staff.

SML Clarity Store RFID Software

Clarity® Core uses event-driven architecture to harness big data for RFID Software

Clarity® is built on a robust, single-tenant, cloud platform that houses your store’s event repository and inventory database, enabling a customizable suite of applications deployed across a wide range of hardware solutions.  The RFID Software is an example of how event-driven architecture (EDA) works in a retail environment.  EDA is more dynamic than traditional architectures and is designed to be responsive to individual events.  An example of an event in a retail environment is scanning an RFID tag.  Events like these will occur tens of millions times each day, and EDA is flexible enough to respond to varying volumes of events.

It’s this flexibility that makes EDA so attractive to retailers.  Like most major big data systems, Clarity runs on a platform of Microsoft Azure and is delivered over the cloud.  That means that you – the person paying the bills for this system – don’t need to buy new computers to run the software; you just need to pay monthly fees to your cloud host.  And your cloud hosting bill is based on how much you use the system.

EDA is essential in an unpredictable environment like retail.  You can’t have a system that crashes during high demand, and you don’t want to pay for cloud resources that you’re not using.  This dynamic architecture connects the array of RFID tags, other data-producing devices, and the sophisticated business intelligence dashboards you see in Clarity.

Clarity™ Cloud is where in the system topology where critical, reliable integrations with retailers and brand owners systems resides.  These enterprise integrations are where the translation from item-level RFID information and transactions get converted into actionable SKU level events.  These item-level events from Clarity™ enable enterprise systems and process to reduce out of stocks, improve customer orders fulfillment and drive vendor quality compliance. 

Clarity Power Business Intelligence

Retail heavily depends on analytics, to the point where companies like Amazon are more like data companies than traditional retailers.  Within the next few years, the only surviving retailers will be those in control of their data.  And that means finding the right platform now with the right architecture behind it.

Clarity® Store is the leading item-level inventory platform in the world

Clarity® is the world’s leading item-level RFID software application on the market.  Built-in close partnership with retailers and brand owners, Clarity® delivers an end-to-end item-level inventory management solution. 

To help retailers on their retail transformation journey, SML has added new features such as eCommerce BOPIS picking (buy online pick up in store), Intelligent Mark Downs, Store to Store and Store to DC transfers, and Integrated Task Management.  These are just a few configurable features that are a part of the Clarity technology stack. 

Clarity® Supply Chain empowers item-level accuracy and tracking throughout enterprise supply chain touchpoints

The lack of inventory visibility and ability to track products throughout distribution centers is a major challenge for retailers as they don’t know with confidence what they own and where it is in their supply chain.  Clarity supply chain solutions empower retailers and brand owners by providing inventory visibility and auditing at inbound and outbound touchpoints in DCs.  Auditing inbound shipments from factories, correcting outbound shipping errors on the spot, improving eComm fulfillment accuracy, and reducing labor expense and chargebacks are all realistic outcomes once item-level RFID is enabled with Clarity.  

Clarity® Experience creates a new dimension of shopping and brand engagement experience.

The retail industry needs to bring a great customer experience to draw customers back to the retail store.  The biggest drawback of in-store customer experience versus online shopping is slower checkouts and lack of access to information on the product.  Clarity is changing the in-store experience by integrating faster RFID Point-of-Sale, Point of Information Kiosks that encourage sales, Smart Mirror Dressing Room Assistance, and more.

Of course, making sense of all this data is another challenge that most people aren’t prepared for.  Without the right software in place, this data is just noise.  But with the right software platform, the data offers essential insights that can give a vital competitive advantage.

Clarity® Food: Tailored for the Food Industry’s Unique Needs

Expanding the Clarity® suite, SML introduces Clarity® Food, which is specifically designed for inventory management in the food industry. This solution harnesses RFID technology for enhanced batch-level traceability, ensuring the freshness of perishables with a First-Expired-First-Out (FEFO) approach. Clarity® Food streamlines recall processes, quickly identifying and tracking affected products, thus safeguarding consumer health. Additionally, it aids in reducing food waste through precise inventory management and ensures compliance with food safety regulations, fostering consumer trust and operational transparency.

Learn why Clarity® RFID Software has emerged as the most reliable RFID solution for global enterprises.