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Rielec Extends Partnership With SML

Collaboration delivers numerous joint Clarity and Clustag customer deployments globally.

Originally published on Printed Electronics Now

RIELEC has extended its partnership with SML to deliver warehouse automation and high-quality inventory management within factories and distribution centers. It combines SML’s Clarity enterprise RFID platform with Rielec’s Clustag RFID devices to deliver tangible returns on investment (ROIs). 

Rielec and SML have been partners since 2022, when SML announced it had invested in Rielec to enhance its supply chain offerings for its retail customers. The partnership involves the companies successfully deploying Clustag’s patented MOT – alongside other Clustag read stations – and SML’s Clarity software solution.

Clustag’s MOT Station is designed to provide the excellent reliability and flow data. It can be fully integrated to collect three key pieces of data: RFID identification, case volume and case weight during operation. The highest end solution option scans 400 tags per case at speeds of up to 1,000 cases per hour.

SML’s Clarity provides users with a cloud-based, item-level RFID software platform and suite of applications. This includes case-level and garment on hanger (GOH) order packing and audits. The total solution delivers up to 100% inventory accuracy for users while maximizing throughput to improve operational efficiency.

“RFID’s value within supply chain operations is becoming clearer by the day,” said Dean Frew, president of RFID Solutions at SML Group. “Whether it is verifying the case is packed correctly before it leaves a factory or distribution center, or verifying that contents from upstream suppliers is accurate, businesses must take better control of inventory. Poor inventory management realities have significant impact on a brand’s bottom line.

Item-level RFID empowers companies to gain accurate visibility of their stock while minimizing the need to open cases and manually counting stock,” Frew noted. “Our partnership with Clustag delivers that, enabling users to optimize inventory, reduce waste and make more informed stocking decisions, faster.”

“SML’s Clarity solution delivers valuable, real-time insights to the warehouse that, in tandem with our MOT Station and other read stations, creates reliable, accurate data for operators,” said Manolo Reguart, director of strategy and business development, Rielec. “Supply chain processes become significantly streamlined without the risk of human error, and automated processes reduce time spent manually counting inventory, freeing the time of warehouse staff and allowing them to focus on other tasks that drive further value for their business.”

SML will join Clustag at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, GA, on March 11-14. Demonstrations of Frew will also join Reguart at the event for a panel discussion, exploring how RFID enables material handling systems to improve inventory accuracy and supply chain compliance in distribution centers.