E-Platform Data Management System

Consistency. Accuracy. Visibility. Every order, every time.


E-Platform is our end-to-end data management system that facilitates the complete ordering fulfillment process between brands and manufacturers and provides a single source of truth to our customers for data integrity and order visibility. E-Platform’s centralized validation and control capabilities ensure global standardization of production layouts and quality consistency while making it easier for you to manage data and order changes, achieve version control, and validate data.

The flexible platform supports customized workflows for brand owners and manufacturers based on each customer’s unique business needs, allowing you to easily manage and verify your data and place orders of any size for both brand identification and item-level RFID products.

Key Features

  • Manual data entry
  • Data validation and controls
  • Global standardization of artwork and data processing
  • Dynamic artwork preview
  • Multi-language printing
  • Order tracking, approval, and visibility
  • Data export and analytics for business insights
  • Security controls enable different levels of visibility for each user
  • RFID and IPP-enabled


Dramatically improve consistency, accuracy, and data visibility of your label and accessories orders with the system built on a single source of truth.

  • Single platform enabling customized workflows
  • Global standardization, local deployment
  • Ease of order with local support
  • Drive digital transformation with RFID-enabled solutions