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Bringing Aesthetics and Sustainability to the Forefront of Labels and Packaging

The importance of sustainability in the new era of retailing has never been more important than it is today. SML Group recognizes this need and is dedicated to providing solutions to source and manufacture goods as sustainably as we can for our customers and the environment. However, sustainability should not have to come at the expense of branding and aesthetics. Take a closer look at how our dynamic QR labels, hangtags & price tickets, along with Inspire Packaging incorporates sustainability without compromising product quality.

Our Products

QR technology is widely used in many industries including hospitality, healthcare, and retail. The flexible, low-cost, easy-to-use technology applied to SML Group labels enables a seamless shopping experience. Our Dynamic QR labels also provide a sustainable solution  due to functionality and design. The QR code allows for a smaller label which can significantly reduce raw consumption. In turn, our customers lower cost while minimizing environmental impact.

SML Group Dynamic QR Hangtags & Price Tickets instantly reveal important product aspects and engaging information including fit, performance, website information, and other narratives. From our in-house creative design experts to our global in-house production team, our team work together to create Hangtags & Price Tickets tailored to individual business needs and consumer trends. The tags can also use responsibly sourced materials from our Inspire Packaging solutions making it even more environmentally conscious.

Inspire Packaging showcases our sustainable services and materials. Eco-friendly yarns, substrates, papers, inks, and polybag alternatives are a glimpse into our many product offerings. SML Group design teams can offer solutions to create smart right-sized packaging that is functional, affordable, and maintains brand integrity. Our extensive global footprint and capabilities allow us to continually deliver consistent, sustainable, high-quality packaging.

The Importance of Sustainability and Aesthetics

SML Group provides forward thinking products and services prioritizing smart sustainability. QR Labelling, Inspire Packaging, Hangtags & Price Tickets offer Earth-first products without sacrificing your brand aesthetic. SML Group is a true partner as we enable organizations to form new and lasting customer relationships. Together we can improve your business, your customers, and OUR environment.

To find out how to incorporate sustainability and aesthetics into your packaging, contact us here.