Retail RFID


How RFID in Retail Solves Industry Challenges


Without RFID solutions in place, retail inventory accuracy rates can be as low as 65%. While this presents significant challenges for day-to-day operations, such accuracy rates are also far too low to deliver a compelling buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) offering. Today’s successful retailers need to give their customers peace of mind that the items they purchase online are available to pick up in-store where and when they want them.

SML’s item-level RFID for inventory management solutions enable retailers to know precisely what they have in stock at all times, so they are able to deliver on their customers’ expectations. With inventory accuracy rates of 93-99% and drastically reduced out-of-stocks, retailers using these solutions experience tangible return on investment (ROI), resulting in cascading benefits across the entire retail enterprise.


  • 93-99% item-level inventory accuracy
  • Reduction of out-of-stock
  • Inventory reduction in supply chain
  • >50% reduction of internal shrink



“在RFID之前,我们认为运送到商店的每件商品最终都会进入车间,但事实并非如此,“体育场的供应链开发人员Johan Stenström说。 “物品放错地方、丢失或被盗,从未出现在我们的 ERP 系统中。 这意味着我们在中国制造、运往瑞典并分发到我们商店的物品从未出售过,因为它们被卡住、放错地方或丢失在距离客户 10 米的后室。 这是不可接受的。 现在,我们实时获得应该在车间发货的物品的补货清单。”
“F&F 和 SML 团队之间的合作和沟通一直是这个项目成功的主要原因。 SML 出色的客户管理、供应商订单的流畅处理、灵活的生产计划,都是与他们合作的强烈诱因。”


SML offers comprehensive, value-driven solutions — from item-level RFID technology to brand identification innovations — that meet the needs of retailers globally.

Our printing and encoding solutions — produced by the industry’s largest in-country service bureau network — are designed to meet ever-changing retail demands, delivering both RFID and non-RFID products to brands and retailers around the globe, in less time and from more locations. From in-plant printing and seamless RFID tag technology to a wide spectrum of brand identification form factors supporting all product types, our breadth of product offerings and depth of experience ensures the best results for our customers and their unique brand needs.





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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3 benefits to a retailer using RFID?

The use of RFID technology in the retail industry has several benefits including 93-99% item-level inventory accuracy, reduction of out-of-stock items, and more than 50% reduction of internal shrink.

What retailers are using RFID?

Many of the big retailers use retail RFID solutions including Walmart, Amazon, H&M, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Stadium, and more.