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SML’s EcoInspire™ Eco-Friendly Hangers: The Sustainable Choice for Retailers

Each year, billions of petroleum-based clothing hangers are used and discarded, contributing to the growing global plastic waste crisis. In fact, the industry uses 342 million barrels of plastic fibers annually, accounting for 1.35% of the world’s oil consumption.

As brands continue to ramp up production to meet consumer demand, the need for a more sustainable hanger solution has never been greater. That’s why we’re excited to announce the latest expansion of our EcoInspire™ Eco Hanger line—an all-paper eco-friendly hanger designed to help retailers reduce their environmental impact.

Sustainable Materials and Customizable Design

Our new EcoInspire™ Eco Hanger solution is crafted from 100% FSC™-certified, recyclable materials, eliminating the need for petroleum-based plastics. The water-soluble inks used are also more energy-efficient and contain fewer harmful chemicals.

Beyond the sustainable materials, the EcoInspire™ Eco Hanger collection is fully customizable, allowing retailers to showcase their brand messaging and increase customer engagement. The sustainable eco-friendly hangers maintain the durability and functionality required for use in retail stores. Available in a wide variety of product types—including hangers, belts, sandals, socks, and more—the EcoInspire™ Eco Hanger can accommodate a brand’s entire product portfolio.

Driving Sustainable Growth in Apparel Industry

As consumers become increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, retailers who prioritize sustainable solutions will have a distinct competitive advantage. By adopting the EcoInspire™ Eco Hanger, you can not only meet your own sustainability goals but also appeal to the growing base of eco-minded shoppers.

Talk to our sustainability solutions expert to learn how the Eco Hanger can drive sustainable growth for your business or contact your local SML Sales Representative to request a sample.