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SML Utilizing its RIS for Virtual Demo of Item-Level RFID Solution for Retailers

Besides this, retailers are also having to cope with an empty pipeline of new products while trying to move excess stock that has built up due to missed seasonal selling periods.

As a result, many of these retailers are taking advantage of solutions such as SML’s item-level RFID to deliver stock accuracy of up to 98% and enable them to make more informed decisions around inventory levels.

With accelerated market demand for item-level RFID and other advanced technologies driving a new era in retailing, there is a need for a real-world collaboration space to test enhanced tools and technologies. Compounded by the additional pressure on retailers from COVID-19 and increased consumer demand for multi-channel shopping options, retailers need to onboard effective solutions quickly and efficiently.

With SML’s launch of virtual demonstrations for retailers, as part of our Retail Ideation Space (RIS), businesses can take advantage of real-time interactive sessions that showcase the convergence of operations, inventory, and customer service in a real-world cutting edge retail environment.

With retailers unable to test out SML’s RFID solutions in-person due to COVID-19, the virtual demos allow retailers to test and implement the benefits of RFID technology and how it can impact their business operations.  These interactive demonstration sessions allow retailers to view RFID-enabled solutions in real-time and ask questions specific to their business and operational needs.

Since the launch of SML’s three RIS locations in 2019 (USA, China, and UK), we have evidence that this collaborative approach to work through requirements, training, and integrations can significantly speed up time to market, therefore maximizing ROIs.

The virtual demos will include numerous item-level inventory management and customer experience technologies, including SML’s extensive range of RFID-enabled Inspire™ tags and its enterprise-grade Clarity® software solutions. Retailers will experience various use cases, design options, and applications of the technology for inspiration in identifying future enhancements to their in-store and omnichannel processes.    This can be an excellent starting point for generating organizational momentum to implement a modern omnichannel selling model supported with the foundation of RFID-enabled accurate inventory.

To find out more about how virtual demos can support your business, contact us here: