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Webinar: Why Item-Level RFID is the Key to BOPIS 2.0?

Apparel and footwear retailers were struggling with Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) before the COVID-19 crisis, using barcode technology which resulted in less than 70% item-level inventory accuracy.

Webinar: Why Item-Level RFI is the Key to BOPIS 2.0?
Dates: November 17th, 2020
Time:  10:00AM -11:00AM (CST)
On-Demand Webinar: RFID Journal LIVE Webinar: Why Item-Level RFID is the Key to BOPIS 2.0

As a result of the unprecedented disruption to the supply chain due to the pandemic, many retailers are now finding themselves with an increase in online orders. Subsequently, there has been an explosion of retailers that are using Item-Level RFID, due to the more than 95% inventory accuracy that comes with using the technology. This is happening in what the industry is calling BOPIS 2.0.

In this webinar, SML’s Dean Frew will share examples as to how item-level RFID is being used to revolutionize BOPIS. SML will also show how easy it can be to adopt this powerful technology.