Sustainability Report

COVID-19 was one of the most significant global disruptors in history, challenging each and every industry and business across the world. Despite these hurdles, SML remained steadfast in our commitment to our employees’ safety, our customers’ successes, and accelerating our sustainable operations.


To help keep us accountable and remain transparent, we’re excited to release our 2021 Annual Sustainability Report, benchmarking the five-year goals we set forth and the progress made to date.



2022 Sustainability Goal



80% increase in recycled yarn and tape use respectively.




Increase use in Forest Stewardship Council™-certified paper by 80%.




Achieve and maintain 80% of chemicals procured to conform to our environmental and social values.



Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Reduce 3% equivalent in CO2 each year accumulative from 2018.



Waste Management:

Achieve and maintain 80% of landfill-free waste and recycled waste, respectively.




Maintain the highest standards of a safe working environment and ensure compliance with our ethical trading policies.