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SML RFID Launches GB25U8 Inlay – the first spec H inlay

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As the first spec H inlay, the GB25U8 has been designed for the apparel retail industry equipped with a highly sensitive RFID Ucode 8 chip from NXP.

The GB25U8 RFID inlay is fully compliant with the GS1 EPC/RFID Gen2v2 standard, supports RFID with global UHF frequencies. It also meets a number of Auburn University RFID Retailer Performance Specifications including: Spec A, Spec B, Spec C, Spec D, Spec M, Spec G, Spec F, Spec N, Spec Q, Spec W1, Spec W2, Spec W3, Spec W4, Spec W5, Spec W6, Spec L, Spec H, Spec I, and Spec K. (All active retail specs)

The new SML inlay can be implemented in the vast majority of tagged products at retailers that are using RFID solutions to improve inventory accuracy, improving the consistency and speed of RFID stock counts. Measuring at 70 x 15mm, the GB25U8 RFID inlay is the first inlay within the RFID industry history to pass all active categories including F, I, H, and Ws. As a result, the inlay is an optimum choice for omnichannel retailers to be deployed across their stores and supply chains.

In addition to supporting apparel, footwear, and home products, the new tag can also be used to help manage other items including; cosmetics, wine & spirits, pharmaceuticals and food.

With the advantage of the innovative antenna, the inlay is not only very powerful on forward sensitivity, but also strong on reverse backscatter signal.

Dean Frew, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of RFID Solutions at SML Group, commented: “Our global technology team at SML is working tirelessly to set benchmarks in RFID tag and software technology so that our retail and brand owner customers who are working just as hard to transform their operations using RFID.

“While other companies may design an inlay using the NXP Ucode 8, SML has achieved a step-function change in performance with its innovative antenna that delivers faster encoding speeds and more accurate stock counts in store and supply chain environments.”

The GB25U8 is available immediately with various formats dry/wet/paperface/hangtag, contact us for further information.