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Fashion’s future: Smart dressing and connected garments

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Covid-19 has rewritten the rules of retail and we cannot expect business to return to ‘normal’.

Covid-19 has rewritten the rules of retail and we cannot expect business to return to ‘normal’.

Even before the pandemic, bricks and mortar retailers were fighting a fierce battle against e-commerce players and opening their own digital outlets. That trend has accelerated at staggering speed.

The latest data from McKinsey shows that consumers aren’t likely to change their stay-at-home shopping behaviours. To survive, retailers must quickly reimagine the current customer experience and take it to another, more connected level.

From optimizing operations and launching new services, to exploring end-to-end customer experiences, connected products are now a vital part of becoming more data-driven and transparent in everything we do.

That’s what this exclusive Industry Circles virtual event will explore.
Your expert hosts will be Microsoft’s Linda Pimmeshofer, H&M Group’s Anna Bergare, Ombori’s Oskar Jakobsson and SML’s Dean Frew.

Together they will analyze the value of connected products, share learnings about the new role of stores, and discuss the technological tools needed to succeed with this more experience-focused approach.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see:

  • How to be successful within fashion retail in the future
  • H&M Group’s insights about where technology adds value to operation and new customer experiences and services
  • how developing a customer-centric technology strategy enables contextual engagement across the customer lifecycle
  • how connected products empower an organization’s different business areas
  • what Ombori and SML do to empower retail organizations to deliver a differentiated customer experience
  • why smart stores are key to a successful multichannel customer strategy

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