SML RFID Customers Share Benefits of Item-Level RFID for Retail at RTS 2022

29:18 Min Read

What is behind the boom in item-level RFID adoption within the supply chain? Watch and learn from real-world examples of top retailers using item-level RFID to positively impact their supply chain and bottom line. SML Group’s CTO & SVP RFID Solutions, Dean Frew hosted a panel discussion during the Retail Technology Show (RTS) 2022 held at Olympia, London on April 26-27. Retail expert guests include:

John Cooper
Senior Merchandising, Supply, Applied Analytics & Transformation
George Clothing (part of Asda Group)

Mattias Sjostedt
Product Owner, In Store Stock Optimization
H&M Group Business Tech

Johan Stenstrom
Supply Chain Developer

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